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Tummy Tuck Post Surgery Supplies Kit

Tummy Tuck Post Surgery Supplies Kit

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Maximize savings and convenience with our all-inclusive Tummy Tuck Recovery Kit. Handpicked by top surgeons, this kit eliminates guesswork and unnecessary expenses.

From absorbent underpads to a multifunctional pill box water bottle, we've bundled everything you need. No more wasted time searching for individual items or overspending on extras.

Your kit ensures you have essential post-op tools like the leg lifter strap, protective ABD pads, and more. Invest in a comprehensive solution and focus solely on your recovery.

  • Experience a seamless post-op recovery with our Tummy Tuck Post-Op Recovery Supply Kit! Navigating the best post-op supplies for your Mommy Makeover can be overwhelming, but with our kit you can trust that you have everything needed for a successful recovery. Say goodbye to wasted money on unnecessary supplies & post-op pads that end up in the trash. We've partnered with top plastic surgeons to bring you a kit that has considered every detail, so you can focus on healing and recovering easily
  • Stay hydrated and organize medications with our built-in weekly pill box capsule water bottle. Not only will you be able to stay hydrated throughout the day, but our bottle also has a built-in pill box compartment to keep your post-op medications organized and easily accessible. This way, you won't have to worry about misplacing pills or forgetting to take them at the right time, making your recovery process that much easier.
  • Ultimate absorbency underpads to keep you covered. With our 36 x 30'' ultimate absorbency chucks underpads, you won't have to worry about running out of pads or wasting money on dozens of pads you don't need. These underpads are designed to be highly absorbent and are large enough to provide full coverage, giving you peace of mind during your recovery.
  • Assist getting out of bed with our leg lifter strap. After abdominal surgery, getting out of bed can be a challenge. Our leg lifter strap provides you with the assistance you need to get up and move around with ease. The strap attaches to your foot and allows you to lift your legs with minimal effort, making it much easier to get up and start your day.
  • Protect incision with ABD pads to keep you covered. Our absorbent 5 x9 inch ABD pads are perfect for protecting your wound and preventing any leakage. These pads are made from a soft and breathable material that conforms to your body, providing maximum comfort and protection during your recovery.
  • Secure dressings with medical tape] to keep everything in place. Our soft medical grade paper medical tape is perfect for securing your ABD pads and any other gauze/dressings in place. The tape is gentle on your skin and easy to use, ensuring that your dressings stay in place and don't shift or bunch up.
  • Easier restroom use with female urinal] to make things easier. Using the restroom can be difficult post-op, but with our female urinal that doesn't require you to sit down, things just got a lot easier. The urinal is designed to be used in a standing position, making it a great option for those who are recovering from surgery and have difficulty sitting down.
  • Avoid accidents with urinal bags during recovery, mobility may be limited and your may not be able to make bathroom trips as quickly. Our bags automatically absorb fluids to provide added protection and peace of mind. The bags are discreet and easy to use, making it easier to keep things clean while recovering.
  • Self-massage roller to prevent lipofibrosis. Our self-massage roller is designed to help prevent lipofibrosis, a condition that can occur after liposuction surgery. The roller is easy to use and can be used to massage the affected area, promoting blood flow and reducing the risk of fibrosis.
  • Hands-free shower with mesh drain holder for ease of use. Our mesh shower drain holder is large enough to hold multiple drains, freeing your hands up so you can focus on showering. The holder is made of a durable mesh material that allows water to flow through, keeping your drains secure and in place while preventing mold or discoloration.
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